The Art of Grant Management

“We ARE the Grant Managers”

Grant management is an art. Any organization that pursues grants on a regular or even annual basis should employ at least one part-time Grant Manager.

Read more about the art and purpose of grant management by clicking on a link below…

If you don’t have the level of support as described above or in our article “What Good Grant Managers Do”, then you are really not receiving the grant support you need.

From the moment you receive your Notice of Grant Award, have ACT on speed dial. We will review your approved grant narrative and budget…set up a multi-day session to get your grant processed and your grant compliance and tracking system in order…and….. Whola! Your organization is on its way to implementing a successful grant. We can also do all of your evaluation and reporting (read about this service here). The best part of working with ACT is that you can pay for our services from your grant monies (in most cases). This means NO OUT OF POCKET COST TO YOUR ORGANIZATION.

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