Third Party Status

ACT is considered to be a “third party” evaluation provider due to the fact that it is an outside, non-influenced party that is contracted by the grantee to conduct an objective evaluation service. Our evaluators are here to help our clients yet still maintain the highest ethical standards in their research. It is worthy to note that in some cases, ACT may be able to arrange for the evaluation section of your grant proposal to be written for free. We don’t write these sections internally because it is important to separate the post award evaluation service from the grant writing process. Doing this eliminates any conflict of interest and allows us to maintain our third party status. If your organization is interested and qualified for this free service, ACT will contract its “at an arms length distance” founding company, Resource Associates, to conduct the grant writing. Resource Associates is a professional grant writing firm that can not only write your evaluation section, but can further create your full grant proposal at either an affordable rate or – often times – for free. Read about our “free grant writing program here” here.