Evaluator Qualifications

ACT employs a cadre of the some of the most experienced grant evaluators in the United States. Our team has over 75 years of combined grant evaluation experience. Our evaluators have expertise in nearly every area of grant programming. Agencies considering applying for grants in the field of special education, for example, would work with our special education researcher who is a former professor (of more than 25 years) at the University of Alaska and Hawaii in the field of special education. We also have evaluation team members who are experts in various NIH medical research fields, youth ATOD prevention areas, library sciences, green energy and agriculture, and a number of other unique subjects. If you choose ACT as your evaluation solutions provider, you are guaranteed to work with a grant evaluator who has professionally and successfully evaluated grants just like yours. All of our evaluators have long standing working relationships with our clients’ funders, which gives them insight into the funders’ expectations.

Despite the fact that most of our evaluators have PhD’s behind their names and tenures at major universities and research centers, you will find them very easy to work with. They care about the impact that our clients are achieving with the grant work they do. Their desire is to support our clients – through the analysis and application of data – to improve grant outcomes and accomplishments of important community goals. And, they are very down to earth and easy to work with. It is their job to conduct a full scale evaluation but to also support your organization in reaching its greatest possibility.